Services Offered by Myofitness

Myofitness offer a wide range of services. Whether you are an individual looking to get and stay in shape, an athlete looking to ramp up your performance, or a company seeking a comprehensive wellness program for your employees, we have the perfect program for you.

While we offer many services, all of our programs are built upon a foundation of core strength, mental well-being, nutrition and lifestyle balance. We believe that all four components are essential to achieving both your long and short term fitness goals. A healthy body cannot be achieved without a clear and focused mind and appropriate nutrition.

We provide extremely personal services. All of our expert trainers will come to your home or office to work with you in comfort. No more gym memberships to deal with! No more traffic and foul weather! Just you and your trainer working towards a healthier life.

After you have contacted us for your free consultation, we will work with you, your group, or your company to create a custom fitness program that works with your present level of fitness, available space / equipment, and your long and short term goals.

Your program will be as unique as you are. And as you grow, so too will your fitness program. With Myofitness, you will never find yourself bored with your workouts. You will work more muscles than you knew you had while burning more calories than you ever thought possible.

So, when you’re ready to learn more and get started, contact us for your free consultation!

Corporate Fitness

Are you looking for a way to save on healthcare costs, increase productivity and morale, and decrease absenteeism? Look no further than Myofitness!

Sign up for a Myofitness Corproate Fitness Program and allow our professional trainers to design a custom wellness program for you and your employees! Our consultations are free!

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Personal Training

Are you ready to step up your fitness level? Do you want to create a healthier you, more balanced and stronger than you’ve ever been? Then schedule your free consultation with a Myofitness Trainer! We’ll come to your home and work with you to create a unique program that will transform your life!

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Group Training

Group training is an excellent and economical way to get in fantastic shape! Get together with your friends, family, and even your spouse to build stronger bonds while building stronger muscles!

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Yoga embodies the core of the Myofitness Mission. It incorporates core strengthen, balance, flexibility, control of breath, and clarity of mind to giver your entire self an incredible and rejuvenating workout. If you think Yoga is just for stretching, think again! Yoga leaves even our most athletic clients drenched in sweat!

See for yourself what Myofitness Yoga can do for you!


Are you looking for an economical way to stay in shape? Do you want the expertise of professional trainers, but the flexibility and freedom to workout on your own schedule? Are you driven and committed to achieving your fitness goals? Then MyoLite is the program for you!

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